Professional custom software development since 2002

Our Software

While most of our work consists of custom development for private clients, we do have a number of more general-purpose applications available as well.

In the case of our libraries, we also offer integration and implementation services to tie their functionality into your application, as well as custom development services to develop new applications for you using their capabilities.


Our DLIDLib assembly parses and normalizes driver's license data from the PDF-417 2D bar code or magnetic stripe on most US and Canadian driver's licenses and state ID cards, plus military IDs as well as travel documents. It is not tied to any particular hardware device, and is therefore compatible with virtually any device that can read the magnetic stripe or bar code data.


Custom Software Development

Blue Ninja Software specializes primarily in the development of custom software applications for clients. We have extensive experience with many different types of applications, such as:

  • Client/Server applications
    • Proprietary protocols
    • Web Services & Web API
  • Back-end applications
    • Proprietary and Web Services & Web API back-end servers
  • Standalone desktop applications
    • Windows desktop applications
    • Console applications
    • Windows Services
  • Cross-Platform and Mobile applications
    • Windows Mobile & Windows CE
    • Xamarin (Android, iOS, Universal Windows)
  • Device integration
    • Serial RS-232 & RS-422, GPIB, TCP/IP sockets, USB HID
  • Class libraries & Assemblies
    • ActiveX controls and libraries
    • .NET controls and libraries
    • Portable Class Libraries (cross-platform), .NET Standard
  • ...and much more!

Request A Proposal

We like to keep things fresh and exciting by taking on a wide variety of different applications. If have a project in need of development, please contact us with the specifics. Alternatively, you can directly contact the developer you've previously worked with.

Project Policies

At Blue Ninja Software, ethics are important. We will not take on projects of a shady or unethical nature, such as:

  • Tools for email or IM contact harvesting
  • Website "scraping"
  • Voting bots
  • Bulk friend adders for social sites
  • Tools to circumvent security or spam protection measures

Any project we take on will be one we're interested in, and believe in. Our full commitment goes into the development of any project we accept.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

If you require a signed NDA before disclosing the details of a project you have in mind, then you can attach it using the contact us page, or send it to us at fhccbeg@oyhravawnfbsgjner.pbz. If possible, try to provide us with as much information first as you can, so we can let you know if it sounds like a project we'd be interested in taking on at this time, and thus would warrant the signing of the NDA.

Success Stories

For an idea of the wide range of projects we've implemented for a variety of both large and small clients, you can see some of our featured projects below.

Note: Most of our projects are private and / or covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements, and are not publicly viewable.

"Blue Ninja Software did an excellent job in quickly turning out this application."

David Greenway, Annamatt Communication Services, Limassol, Cyprus

"Coder went above and beyond what was expected... I am 110% satisfied with his work and will definitely be using him in the future."

Paul (RAC project), Florida, USA

"For me, communication was wonderful and his work was 100% professional, prompt and accurate. I would surely use [Blue Ninja Software] again. Thank you!"

Steve (RAC project), Alabama, USA

"[Blue Ninja Software] has done a very good job by understanding the requirements of the job and delivered what was exactly required."

Paramjeet S. Bhambra, Manager - IT Division, MIBM-Advance Solutions Group (RAC project), California, USA

"Very professional. Good communication. Works weekends and his documentation is comprehensive. Recommended."

Tony Matthews (RAC project), Florida, USA

"[Blue Ninja Software] has done a very professional job. Met all deadlines, clearly commented the code where changes were made, and gave regular progress reports. Excellent Work!"

Eaglesoar (RAC project), Arkansas, USA

"Coder was excellent to work with, offered suggestions to improve my request, performed work quickly, and exactly to specs."

JEO Consultants (RAC project), California, USA

"On a scale of 10, I would have to give this coder an 11. He was definitely the best coder/developer that I have worked with before. ...I would totally recommend this coder and I will definitely seek his assistance first when working on future projects."

S. Hill (RAC project), Georgia, USA

"Blue Ninja Software made sure that the program was modified to my exact specifications and even offered to do more than what was asked of. His service and communication was exceptional and I couldn't have asked for more."

Level 40 (RAC project), Illinois, USA

"SUPERB JOB!!! This work [was supposed] to be "free lance" work, but what I got is professional service! I don't know what to say! Thanks. Would recommend you for similar projects."

Eigenvector (RAC project), California, USA

"Adam did a fantastic job. Fast and excellent Work. It was a pleasure to read his well structured and very well documented code. He is a talented programmer and I look forward to working with him again."

JFSoft (RAC project), Magstadt, Germany

"Extremely detailed notes in source. Perfect, and proficient."

AaronASB (RAC project), New York, USA

"Did more that asked, and provided exactly what I was looking for very quickly."

Ken Breit (RAC project), New York, USA

"The gentleman is very knowledgeable, he makes suggestions to make project better. The thing I like is, he lisens to what you want and not [what] he thinks. I will alway use him for all my other projects. SMART!!!"

Raggeboys (RAC project), Florida, USA