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PicoLCD and Logitech GamePanel LCD support comes to .NET

With the maturing of our HIDLib project, we have been doing a lot of device integration projects for clients. A recent project has allowed all parties to benefit by way of our CDCBL license, allowing the assemblies for the PicoLCD 4x20 and Logitech GamePanel LCD device (found on keyboards such as the G15 and G19) to be open-sourced while used commercially in our client's project.

These assemblies bring native .NET support to their respective devices, including enumeration of multiple instances of the same device. High-level properties and methods make use of the devices simple, and hide the complexities of the underlying HID protocol.

For more information, see the PicoLCDLib and project pages.


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Featured Success Story

Proprietary device integration for Cyprus homeland security

This software application allows a PC104 embedded PC running XP to read a serial data stream from a laser rangefinder. This data was then parsed and displayed on the control system screen. In addition the data was converted to NMEA format and then sent to a fixed console LCD marine display. The system is for a homeland security application currently under final development and testing for the nation of Cyprus.


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