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Blue Ninja Software Breaks Top 1% RentACoder Ranking

As of October 21, 2008, Blue Ninja Software is now ranked in the top 0.95% of over 230,000 coders on RentACoder! Our commitment to success and customer satisfaction is demonstrated through the work we do and the customers we serve, not through slick marketing campaigns. We're proud that our customers are happy with our work, and will continue to focus on their needs.

RentACoder Bio & Work History
Rent A Coder is a web-based marketplace that connects businesses in need of computer programming expertise with a global, freelance market of programmers. It also connects businesses and freelancers in the areas of graphic design, writing, translation and numerous other services.


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Featured Success Story

Finding a GUID needle in a pile of database haystacks

Our client was providing consulting and training services as well as custom integration for a poorly-documented database application, which used GUIDs to map nearly every data type.

"Trying to find relationships between tables was a monumental task," according to Christopher Shipley, one of the company's principal officers. We provided them with a query tool to locate all tables and columns with a specific GUID, thus helping to map out the data relationships. This application saved countless hours of manually sifting and searching through the database to look for the proverbial needle in the haystack.


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