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DLIDLib Parser Update v0.6

We are proud to announce the release of an update to our DLIDLib parser, version 0.6.

Parser Updates

  • The new Photo property for PDF417 licenses was not made public in the previous release. We'd been testing this property internally, but did not make it's interface public during the last build. This property is available to users. Further details below.
  • Zip Codes - We have normalized ZIP codes by adding a dash between the base zip code and the Zip+4 extension.
  • Performance - our internal tests have increased parsing performance from ~8,500 IDs per second to over 64,500!


The decryption add-on for North Carolina is now available. This will transparently decrypt any NC licenses and parse them without any further work from the developer. We have implemented pass-through support for developers who have access to the Georgia decryption algorithm, but we have no plans to implement this internally due to the prohibitive cost of the license for this algorithm. We are continuing to pursue the decryption for the partially encrypted Illinois licenses.

Compact Framework Support

We have finished development and client testing of a version of the parser which targets the Compact Framework v3.5 for Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices. We have implemented a new licensing system for it, as the system we use for the desktop version is not compatible with the Compact Framework. Furthermore, the licensing system used previously for the Desktop version of the parser was not FIPS compliant, so we have migrated both editions of the parser to this new format. Many clients have already received test copies of the parser (version 0.5) and have had their licenses updated - a further update is not necessary. Clients using version 0.3 and prior will need a new license file. The new license file will be issued to cover the remainder of the original license purchase period, so an additional purchase is not necessary if that license has not yet expired.

The feature set and code base is virtually identical, with a few exceptions:
  • Stats reporting methods and properties of the Reporter class are currently unavailable.
  • Photo decoding is not yet supported by the compact version.

Military IDs

The parser now recognizes the US DOD Common Access Card (CAC) IDs and Teslin cards (Sponsor and Dependent) used by active personnel, standby reserves, retirees, beneficiaries, etc.

Travel Documents

DLIDLib parser now recognizes several machine-readable travel documents (MRTDs), including:
  • Passport Cards
  • Size A and Size B Visas
  • Size 1 and Size 2 Travel Documents
  • Machine-Readable Passports
Contact us for assistance integrating MRZ readers with DLIDLib to read these new formats.

FIPS compliance

We have replaced the 3rd-party licensing system with our own to overcome the lack of FIPS compliance in the algorithms the previous tool used to validate the licenses. This means we will issue new license files to clients issued licenses under the previous system. Before delivering this release, we will be contacting those of you who have the previous license to go over any concerns or potential issues that may arise, such as the feasibility of updating client applications with a new license file, or updating the applications to include the new license file as a resource. Depending on the update procedure in place, a different approach may be required. We will, of course, be able to deliver updates under the previous licensing system as well, for those clients who cannot easily update at this point and who do not require FIPS compliance.


  • We now increment the AssemblyFileVersion attribute and leave the AssemblyVersion attribute fixed through the same Major and Minor version. For clients using the Strongly Named build of the parser, this preserves compatibility at least through updates to the major and minor version.
  • Additional support for some obscure formats used by some states, including: FL, CA, OH, MA (Liquor ID), HI, SN, DC, IO, IA MN
  • Better support for processing name ordering for states that use inconsistent or ambiguous schemes.
  • Better support for unusual data formats from some MagStripe Reader devices, such as additional blank lines after the data.

Obtaining The New Release

To obtain the new release version, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and let us know whether you need the full framework or Compact Framework version of the parser, and we'll send you the library and updated documentation.

Your project can be listed here, too - contract with us for your development needs!

Featured Success Story

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XM Assistant is an application to assist XM Satellite Radio service technicians in diagnosing and maintaining the terrestrial repeater network. It utilizes RS-232 serial technology to communicate with the proprietary equipment, and provide a more intuitive, friendly interface to the various maintenance and configuration functions of the hardware. This includes graphical gauges and color-coded readings and a real-time strip chart for various system metrics, which formerly would have required two separate applications (which could not be run simultaneously). In addition, it helps track site details and history, and manages some of the maintenance paperwork generation and online submission.


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