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Use Driver's Licenses For ID & Age Verification

We have just released a library to parse driver's license and non-driver ID data for all US states and territories, as well as some Canadian and Mexican jurisdictions. This software has been under development since since late 2008, and has been tested and used by several clients throughout different regions of the US.

This library is designed to be integrated into various software applications to enable them to support ID and age verification. Contact us for details on developing custom solutions, or for inquiries regarding integration into existing solutions.

For more information, see the project page.


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Featured Success Story

Proprietary device integration for Cyprus homeland security

This software application allows a PC104 embedded PC running XP to read a serial data stream from a laser rangefinder. This data was then parsed and displayed on the control system screen. In addition the data was converted to NMEA format and then sent to a fixed console LCD marine display. The system is for a homeland security application currently under final development and testing for the nation of Cyprus.


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