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The latest goings-on at Blue Ninja Software.




DLIDLib Parser Update v0.6

We are proud to announce the release of an update to our DLIDLib parser, version 0.6.

Parser Updates

  • The new Photo property for PDF417 licenses was not made public in the previous release. We'd been testing this property internally, but did not make it's interface public during the last build. This property is available to users. Further details below.
  • Zip Codes - We have normalized ZIP codes by adding a dash between the base zip code and the Zip+4 extension.
  • Performance - our internal tests have increased parsing performance from ~8,500 IDs per second to over 64,500!




DLIDLib ID/License Parser Update
New release now supports mobile devices using the Compact Framework. Added support for Travel Documents (Visas, Passport Cards, Passports) and military IDs (CAC and Teslin), and included numerous updates and performance enhancements (~ 300% faster!) - existing customers should upgrade.




New Release Of Our DLIDLib Parser

We are pleased to announce the release of version 0.3 of our driver's license / ID card parsing library. Thanks to a great deal of helpful feedback from some of our initial clients, we've made dozens of changes and enhancements to improve ease-of-integration and simplicity of the interface.

Since our early adopter clients were in the process of evaluating our library for integration into their product line, this was a perfect opportunity to integrate their feedback into our own development cycle, and get these changes into place before "locking down" the interface to ensure future compatibility, and allow drop-in replacement of the DLL file for client upgrades. Going forward, enhancements to the parser will be directly compatible with the current interface and not require any code changes.





Use Driver's Licenses For ID & Age Verification

We have just released a library to parse driver's license and non-driver ID data for all US states and territories, as well as some Canadian and Mexican jurisdictions. This software has been under development since since late 2008, and has been tested and used by several clients throughout different regions of the US.

This library is designed to be integrated into various software applications to enable them to support ID and age verification. Contact us for details on developing custom solutions, or for inquiries regarding integration into existing solutions.

For more information, see the project page.





PicoLCD and Logitech GamePanel LCD support comes to .NET

With the maturing of our HIDLib project, we have been doing a lot of device integration projects for clients. A recent project has allowed all parties to benefit by way of our CDCBL license, allowing the assemblies for the PicoLCD 4x20 and Logitech GamePanel LCD device (found on keyboards such as the G15 and G19) to be open-sourced while used commercially in our client's project.

These assemblies bring native .NET support to their respective devices, including enumeration of multiple instances of the same device. High-level properties and methods make use of the devices simple, and hide the complexities of the underlying HID protocol.

For more information, see the PicoLCDLib and project pages.





Blue Ninja Software Breaks Top 1% RentACoder Ranking

As of October 21, 2008, Blue Ninja Software is now ranked in the top 0.95% of over 230,000 coders on RentACoder! Our commitment to success and customer satisfaction is demonstrated through the work we do and the customers we serve, not through slick marketing campaigns. We're proud that our customers are happy with our work, and will continue to focus on their needs.

RentACoder Bio & Work History
Rent A Coder is a web-based marketplace that connects businesses in need of computer programming expertise with a global, freelance market of programmers. It also connects businesses and freelancers in the areas of graphic design, writing, translation and numerous other services.





Showcase Your Solution With Us

In the past, we were something of a "black box" coding company, where nobody could really see what we were working on, since our main focus is custom software for private clients. This left our site somewhat stagnant-looking, as we couldn't share much information with potential new clients.

As a new feature of our site, we're offering our clients the opportunity to feature current and past projects we've been involved in developing, both to demonstrate the wide range of applications we've worked on as well as to generate more public awareness of these projects for our clients. We hope this new exposure will not only help showcase our wide range of experience, but will also generate more leads and exposure for our clients as well.

To see our currently featured applications, visit our Custom Software page, or our Success Stories page. We also list the most recent completed and current projects on our front page.

If you've used Blue Ninja Software to develop an application for you or your company and would like us to feature it, we'd be happy to do so. Simply write up a press release type article outlining the goals and achievements of the application, and include any links to the relevant website or contact emails. Send this along with any comments or questions to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we'll get it up as soon as possible.





Online Documentation Now Available
As of 15 January 2009, online documentation for our open-source and commercial libraries and assemblies is available on their project pages. The compiled .chm help files are still included in the downloads, of course. The online availability should Damit kann man also auch als Mac-User die Spiele bequem online spielen, was langst nicht fur alle Online Casino s gilt. make the data more visible to search engines when searching for information on those libraries, and should serve as a convenience to our users.


Your project can be listed here, too - contract with us for your development needs!

Featured Success Story

Proprietary device integration for Cyprus homeland security

This software application allows a PC104 embedded PC running XP to read a serial data stream from a laser rangefinder. This data was then parsed and displayed on the control system screen. In addition the data was converted to NMEA format and then sent to a fixed console LCD marine display. The system is for a homeland security application currently under final development and testing for the nation of Cyprus.


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