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Current release version: 0.6.0 (2010-12-01)

Our DLIDLib assembly parses and normalizes driver's license data from the PDF-417 2D bar code or magnetic stripe on most US and Canadian driver's licenses and state ID cards, plus military IDs as well as travel documents. It is not tied to any particular hardware device, and is therefore compatible with virtually any device that can read the magnetic stripe or bar code data.


  • Drivers Licenses and State ID cards
    • Magnetic Stripe version 1 (the current standard) support
    • PDF-417 2D bar code versions 1, 2, and 3 (spec 2000, 2003, and 2005 - the most current) support
  • Military ID cards (Sponsor and Dependent)
    • Teslin versions 1, 2, and 3
    • CAC (Common Access Card)
  • Travel Documents issued in compliance with the ICAO standard (US, Canadian, many others)
    • Machine-Readable Passports
    • Passport Cards
    • Size A and B Visas
    • Type 1 and 2 Travel Documents
  • Normalization of returned data:
    • Name broken down into First, Middle, Last, Prefix, Suffix, etc.
    • Address broken down into Address, City, State, Zip
    • Gender, hair/eye color, height, weight all returned in normalized units (including both metric and imperial English)
  • Enhanced validation to detect counterfeiting:
    • Verifies data conforms to state-specific guidelines
      • Validates license / ID number scheme for the following jurisdictions:
        • Florida
        • Illinois
        • Maryland
        • Michigan
        • Minnesota (Issued before Dec '04 - new system is not coded)
        • New Hampshire
        • New Jersey 1
        • Washington
        • Wisconsin
        • Ontario
        • Quebec
      • Validation accounts for slightly different than expected license / ID numbers:
        • Numbers that contain variations to prevent duplicates when multiple people have similar or identical information
    • Recommends specific manual visual checks to make


  • Age verification (night clubs, bars/restaurants, adult stores)
  • Identity confirmation (identify building residents or employees, people on V.I.P. guest lists, state agency client identity confirmation)
  • Compare license info with credit/debit cardholder name for more secure purchases and fewer charge-backs
  • Reducing data entry errors when entering an individual's name, address, etc.


Performance is, of course, based on the system configuration and environment. During in-house testing against a database of sample data on our development machine, we have observed the following results (as of version 0.6, 9/13/2010):

  • 64,512+ licenses/IDs parsed per second
  • 16,474+ licenses/IDs parsed with enhanced validation per second

This performance level makes the library suitable for both client-side parsing, as well as server-based applications.

Availability: A 30-day evaluation version of this assembly is available upon request. This evaluation will not support being run in a server environment such as ASP or a Web Service - if you specifically need to evaluate the parser in that environment, we'll be happy to provide a server evaluation license.

Documentation: Compiled help file is available along with the evaluation version or purchased edition.

Support: Clients who purchase a license have access to a dedicated support forum, as well as a bug / issue tracker to report or monitor progress on issues and feature requests.

1 New Jersey validation support will be finalized shortly.


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