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Over the course of the development of many specialized apps, we've also developed several general-use libraries. Some of these are free for non-commercial use, or have evaluation versions - check the license type for the library of interest.

If you are using these libraries in an application, we'd love to know - tell us about it!





Current release version: 0.6.0 (2010-12-01)

Our DLIDLib assembly parses and normalizes driver's license data from the PDF-417 2D bar code or magnetic stripe on most US and Canadian driver's licenses and state ID cards, plus military IDs as well as travel documents. It is not tied to any particular hardware device, and is therefore compatible with virtually any device that can read the magnetic stripe or bar code data.


  • Drivers Licenses and State ID cards
    • Magnetic Stripe version 1 (the current standard) support
    • PDF-417 2D bar code versions 1, 2, and 3 (spec 2000, 2003, and 2005 - the most current) support
  • Military ID cards (Sponsor and Dependent)
    • Teslin versions 1, 2, and 3
    • CAC (Common Access Card)
  • Travel Documents issued in compliance with the ICAO standard (US, Canadian, many others)
    • Machine-Readable Passports
    • Passport Cards
    • Size A and B Visas
    • Type 1 and 2 Travel Documents
  • Normalization of returned data:
    • Name broken down into First, Middle, Last, Prefix, Suffix, etc.
    • Address broken down into Address, City, State, Zip
    • Gender, hair/eye color, height, weight all returned in normalized units (including both metric and imperial English)
  • Enhanced validation to detect counterfeiting:
    • Verifies data conforms to state-specific guidelines
      • Validates license / ID number scheme for the following jurisdictions:
        • Florida
        • Illinois
        • Maryland
        • Michigan
        • Minnesota (Issued before Dec '04 - new system is not coded)
        • New Hampshire
        • New Jersey 1
        • Washington
        • Wisconsin
        • Ontario
        • Quebec
      • Validation accounts for slightly different than expected license / ID numbers:
        • Numbers that contain variations to prevent duplicates when multiple people have similar or identical information
    • Recommends specific manual visual checks to make


  • Age verification (night clubs, bars/restaurants, adult stores)
  • Identity confirmation (identify building residents or employees, people on V.I.P. guest lists, state agency client identity confirmation)
  • Compare license info with credit/debit cardholder name for more secure purchases and fewer charge-backs
  • Reducing data entry errors when entering an individual's name, address, etc.





An open-source (CDCBL) managed .NET library for the Logitech GamePanel LCD device, found on keyboards such as the G15 and G19. This library supports multiple device enumeration, a softkey press event, and control of brightness, contrast, and LCD screen text and graphics.

Features currently supported:
  • Drawing images and basic shapes to the display
  • Drawing text to the display, using any font
  • Detection of button presses
  • LCD Brightness/Contrast control
  • Keyboard backlight brightness control
  • Macro button light control





An open-source (CDCBL) managed .NET library for the PicoLCD 4x20 Sideshow device by mini-box.com. This library supports multiple device enumeration, a softkey press event, an IR data received event, and control of brightness, contrast, and LCD screen text.

Features currently supported:
  • Setting text for For besokende hos Norske spilleautomater pa nett . each of 4 lines
  • Detection of button presses
  • Detection of IR signals
  • Brightness/Contrast control





An open-source (CDCBL) managed .NET library for USB HID device communication. This library will support device enumeration, insertion/removal notification, Input/Output/Feature reports, bulk transfers, etc. It does not have any external dependencies on other libraries or filter drivers. Also, it is designed using almost casino online entirely native .NET code, unlike many other available libraries that rely heavily on unmanaged code.



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