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Writing to LCD screen devices
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Written by Blue Ninja   

We have recently developed two libraries for writing to LCD display devices - the PicoLCD 4x20 device, and the Logitech device. Both of these are licensed under our CDCBL license, and use our HIDLib assembly for low-level device communication.

Our original goal was to support writing to these displays for a particular proprietary application, and both libraries work well for that. However, some additional testing and feature support would make them more complete.

If you have the necessary skills and a Logitech device other than the G15 Keyboard with a GamePanel display on it, we'd love to hear from you whether the sample application included with the library works with your device. We know it doesn't support the new G19 Keyboard yet, and we'll be working on that once a test unit arrives.

If you are using these libraries in an open-source or personal project, we'd love to hear from you!


avatar Boris
Could we have an update of Hidlib which is ok on Windows 7 64 bits ? Or at list the latest source code (0.2.xxx) because you only put an older version which does not work (0.1.7xxx).
Thanks in advance.
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