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This software application allows a PC104 embedded PC running XP to read a serial data stream from a laser rangefinder. This data was then parsed and displayed on the control system screen. In addition the data was converted to NMEA format and then sent to a fixed console LCD marine display. The system is for a homeland security application currently under final development and testing for the nation of Cyprus.

"Blue Ninja Software did an excellent job in quickly turning out this application," according to David Greenway, who is in charge of Network Engineering and Operations for Annamatt Communication Services.

Annamatt Communication Services
Annamatt Communication Services is a specialist design company focusing on video, RF communication and security systems.

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Featured Success Story

XM Repeater maintenance software

XM Assistant is an application to assist XM Satellite Radio service technicians in diagnosing and maintaining the terrestrial repeater network. It utilizes RS-232 serial technology to communicate with the proprietary equipment, and provide a more intuitive, friendly interface to the various maintenance and configuration functions of the hardware. This includes graphical gauges and color-coded readings and a real-time strip chart for various system metrics, which formerly would have required two separate applications (which could not be run simultaneously). In addition, it helps track site details and history, and manages some of the maintenance paperwork generation and online submission.


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