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Custom Software Development

Blue Ninja Software specializes primarily in the development of custom software applications for clients. We have extensive experience with many different types of applications, such as:

  • Client/Server applications
    • Proprietary protocols
    • Web Services
  • Back-end applications
    • Proprietary and Web Services back-end servers
  • Standalone desktop applications
    • Windows Forms (GUI) applications
    • Console applications
    • Windows Services
  • Device integration
    • Serial RS-232
    • TCP/IP
    • USB/HID
  • Class libraries & Assemblies
    • ActiveX controls and libraries
    • .NET controls and libraries
  • ...and much more!

Work Experience

You can see some of our currently underway projects in the Under Development area, or see summaries for many of our previous projects working with various clients in the Success Stories area. These will help showcase the wide range of applications we've worked on, and list some of our past and present clients.

Note: Many of our projects are covered by Non-Disclosure Agreements and are not publically viewable.


Your project can be listed here, too - contract with us for your development needs!

Featured Success Story

Client sync via data warehouse

Forklift is an open-source (GPL v1.1) application to synchronize client data between multiple agency systems such as CTFACS, Energy, and others into a central Data Warehouse (developed by another company) to help centralize reporting, reduce client duplication, and reduce data re-entry.


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